Links Should Open in the Same Window

Links Should Open in the Same Window Where should links open – and does it matter? In this episode of LibUX with Amanda and Michael, we explore the implications of such a seemingly trivial preference. In fact, your choice might not just be an antipattern, but a dark pattern – a user interface designed to trick people. Read the original article on... Read more »

The Kano Model is Awesome – Really …

The Kano Model is Awesome – Really … Okay, so we found it sort of tricky to explain, but the Kano Model really is awesome. In this episode, we try our best to tell you that the Kano Model is a sophisticated tool used to measure the impact of service features on the user experience. It is a way that you and your... Read more »

Teaching WordPress

Teaching WordPress Amanda and Michael talk about teaching basic and advanced WordPress for Libraries courses.


I sometimes speak at conferences or teach workshops about the web, user experience, and cutting edge standards. This year I'm giving talks about performance, content strategy, mythbusting assumptions about what users want, design for instruction, and more.

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