013: T.J. Szafranski

013: T.J. Szafranski Amanda and Michael chat with T.J. Szafranski (@wojowojo) about the redesign of the Lake Villa District Library ( We hit on design principles, dealing with stakeholders, the makeup of the web committee, data-driven design, and fantasy football.

LibUX 012: Life of the [Third] Party

LibUX 012: Life of the [Third] Party This week on LibUX we talk about the inherent danger of relying on third-party plugins, third-party frameworks, third-party libraries, and that devs need to be prepared for the potential that when a plugin updates it will no longer be backward compatible.

Using a Data Attribute for CSS Content

Using a Data Attribute for CSS Content Using an element's attribute as CSS Content can be pretty useful. Here is a real use case and code snippet where I use a link's data-attribute to add a nice touch to a menu item.


I sometimes speak at conferences or teach workshops about the web, user experience, and cutting edge standards. This year I'm giving talks about performance, content strategy, mythbusting assumptions about what users want, design for instruction, and more.

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