Sometimes, I’m a Wimp

Sometimes, I’m a Wimp Web design is a thick-skin sort of discipline. In part, hey - it's the internet: semi-anonymous bolstered computer geeks can and will pick apart your code, your design. Our community has for the large part turned this around, embraced rip-offs, forks, open licenses, pull requests. We know that the collective creativity and brainpower of the community can frankly just make things so much better. Sometimes it gets a little mean, but it's really not a bug, it's a feature.

Accessibility with Cynthia Ng

Accessibility with Cynthia Ng Amanda and I talked accessibility with Cynthia Ng, who has been working as an accessibility librarian and often presents about universal design. Episode 14 is a solid 45 minutes! We touch on legal obligations libraries and higher ed. have for accessible content, practical implementation, fluid standards, low-hanging fruit, and carousels - yuck.

013: T.J. Szafranski

013: T.J. Szafranski Amanda and Michael chat with T.J. Szafranski (@wojowojo) about the redesign of the Lake Villa District Library ( We hit on design principles, dealing with stakeholders, the makeup of the web committee, data-driven design, and fantasy football.


I sometimes speak at conferences or teach workshops about the web, user experience, and cutting edge standards. This year I'm giving talks about performance, content strategy, mythbusting assumptions about what users want, design for instruction, and more.

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