On #libux 15, Sean Hannan talks about designing a high functioning research site for the John Hopkins Sheridan Libraries and University Museums. I love it. It’s a crazy fast API-driven research dashboard mashing up research databases, LibGuides, and a magic, otherworldly carousel actually increasing engagement. I, uh, want to rip this site off so bad. Research tools are so incredibly difficult to build well, especially when libraries rely so heavily on third parties, that I’m glad to have taken the opportunity to pick Sean’s brain. Thirty minutes of whaaaaaa?! right here.

Cluster your content as it makes sense, but at the same time don’t force people to feel like they are stepping through a novel. They’re not going to read through the entire guide and say, ‘Aha! Now I can start my research!’ They’re there for a tiny bit of information and then they’re off.

Sean’s contributed a chapter about writing an API for APIs in More Library Mashups, which you can pre-order on the cheap.